Friday, March 04, 2005

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

Ok, so it doesn't mean squat in the big scheme, but the Cubbies went out and beat the Giants 8 to 3.
No Bonds, No Sosa- didnt stop the 12,857 capacity crowd from enjoying the festivities. Shawon Dunston's son took bp with the team before the game and was the bat boy, not sure how old he is, maybe about 12.

Great to see new Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg (pic) hitting fungos to the guys.

Nomar's first game ever at HoHoKam was a smashing success! Drilling a home run the first pitch of his first AB. It's early, but these guys seem like they're having fun, and are playing aggressive. The new backup catcher Henry Blanco hit a single and his hustle helped cause an error landing him on 2nd, he then scored from 2nd on a close play at the plate. The big man moves pretty well.

The weather was a Chamber of Commerce day, 66 degrees & sunny at game time, probably in the low 70's by 7th inning stretch. Something you don't see too often in the grapefruit league is what we call a Dust devil (like a mini-tornado) came whipping thru the stands, and onto the field, causing the game to be delayed for a couple minutes. Sending dust, paper, and debris swirling several hundred yards over the ball field. I could see people trying to grab their scorebooks and hats, but many were lost.

Cubs square off with Giants again tomorrow at HoHoKam. We'll talk to you after the game.


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