Saturday, March 12, 2005

Mr Cub comes to HoHoKam

Weather-Perfect! At least that's what the folks visiting from the midwest were saying. Low 80's, sunshine.

Ernie Banks (see pic) made his first appearance at HoHoKam Park this spring. He was smoozing with all the guests of WGN, and was interviewed by the Baseball Hall of Fame people for the upcoming Ryne Sandberg induction. Of course, when Ernie's being interviewed, he likes to start by asking the interviewer questions.

WGN Radio and TV broadcast today's game. It was Bob Brenly and Len Kasper's first Cubs broadcast together. Will have to check out the VCR tape, and see how they sound. Hard to believe it's Pat Hughes and Ron Santo's 10th season together, calling the Cubs games on WGN Radio.

Finally got ahold of the Cub's media information guide. Very cool cover- Chicago Cub's Hall of Fame Legends Billy Williams, Fergie Jenkins, Ernie Banks, and Ryne Sandberg all pictured together. Only one thing missing- Ron Santo.

If you watched WGN, you know what happened. Nomar-very hot game! 3 for 3, with a HR. Greg Maddux looked like his usual self. He did give up 2 runs in the 1st, but would have been out of the inning with no runs if the 3rd out had not been lost in the sun. LaTroy Hawkins also looked good, 2 innings no runs, 3 strikeouts. On the other hand, Eddie Oropesa had some issues, giving up 6 runs, 5 earned, without completing an inning. Cubs starters left the game tied at 2 - 2, before the backups succumbed to the Angels 8 - 3.

12,572 in the hizzy. I loathe it when journalists try to be hip by using slang, but then again, I won't be confused with a journalist. So, spring tickets are going fast, only some lawn seats left, chances are we could break last year's all-time record. Big, sold-out game at HoHoKam on Monday--Sox come up from Tucson.
Talk to you after the cross-town battle.


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