Wednesday, March 09, 2005

This is what Spring Training is all about!

Sunshine, Sunshine, and more Sunshine! With the temperatures in the low-to-mid 80's, the shirts were off, and the bikinis were populating the berm area. With the first real warmth of spring, fans and players were indeed "boiling off the remnants of winter"!

Cubs starting lineup today looks like the one that will open the regular season: Patterson leading off, Todd Walker batting 2nd, Nomar 3rd, Aramis in the clean-up spot, Hollandsworth 5th, Derrek Lee, Burnitz batting 7th, Barrett 8th, Kerry Wood on the mound. Wood left the game early with a tight shoulder, but later said it was nothing, just a little tightness, and not to be alarmed. Cubs lost to the Rangers 6 - 5, but held a 4 - 3 lead when all the starters exited the game.

9,080 in attendance today at HoHoKam. I heard that the rest of the spring games are all sold out!

New Cubs Announcer, Bob Brenly in the house today. He was down on the field during bp, and up in the booth (not announcing) watching the action. Also in the house, as usual because of their advertising campaign, the Hooters girls. What was unusual was they made a visit up to the booth to say "hello".

Notable game tomorrow- as Prior takes the mound for the first time this spring-over in Peoria where the Cubs face the Mariners. Diamondbacks come up from Tucson Friday to take on the Cubs at HoHoKam, and I'll talk to you after that game.


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