Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Wild Finish to Cubs Victory

The Cubs held a 5-2 lead starting the 9th innning, but the Brewers hit Cubs pitcher Chad Fox hard in the 9th inning scoring 2 runs on 5 hits, making the score 5-4 with bags loaded and only one out. Brewers Lyle Overbay then hit into what looked to be a game ending double play, but the throw to 1st base was in the dirt and not held by Cubs 1st baseman Angel Echevarria. The Milwaukee runners from 2nd and 3d base were crossing the plate and would have given the Brewers a 6-5 lead, but base runners interference was called on Jeff Cirillo going into 2nd base, making the double play complete and giving the Cubs a 5-4 win. Brewers Manager Ned Yost and some of his players charged the field in protest, after a brief shouting match, the field cleared without incident. 12,742 sun drenched Cubs fans left HoHoKam Park happy, ok 12,700 Cubs fans, there was at least 42 Brewer fans.

Nomar another ho-hum 3-4 game with a HR! Jeromy Burnitz crushed a 2 run HR and John Koronka pitched well giving up only one run in 4 innings. Jerry Hairston had 2 hits and started in center field, still getting used to playing the outfield he mis-judged a fly ball allowing JJ Hardy to reach 3d base, then missed the cut-off on the throw, allowing Hardy to circle the bases. Ruled a triple with an error on the throw.

Good news, bad news- 1st the bad news, Just when Joe Borowski seemed to be regaining his old form he fractures his right ulna,(bone in wrist) he will be sidelined at least 6 weeks. I've never liked those stinking ulna's. The good news, Kerry Wood will be back starting on the mound Thursday at HoHoKam Park aganst the Oakland A's. Mark Prior seems not to far behind Kerry in his progress.

Today I was the unwitting accomplice to a practical joke played on Cubs pitcher Will Ohman, I announced several times that a white Yukon SUV needed to be moved or it would be towed. That message came from the Cubs, seems some of the boys had lifted the wheels off Ohman's SUV and placed them around HoHoKam. A favorite prank up in Lansing! I was reminded of another practical joke when ex-Cub Brooks Kieschnick pinch hit for the Brewers today. Back in the spring of 1996 when Kieschnick was a Cubs power hitting rookie prospect the guys put a big bubble of gum on top of young Brooks ball cap, he wasn't starting that game and must have walked around half the day with that bubble on his head. The video of Kieschnick and the bubble is in the "Boys of Spring" documentary! I think Mr. Wrigley would have liked that one.

If you would like to hear my interview about the Cubs and the Boys of Spring documentary, check out a new website: cubscast.com Dedicated to our favorite team, you can listen to audio interviews and analysis of the Cubs via podcasts. It's easy, just click and listen, you can also download audio to your mp3 player. You can also listen to an interview with Cubs fan and actor Joe Mantegna. Check it out- cubscast.com

Cubs are in Tucson tomorrow playing the DBacks, back at HoHoKam on Thursday vs the A's, talk to you then.


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