Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Good-bye Fitch

Today was the final day of practice at Fitch Park before moving up the street to Hohokam Stadium, where tomorrow the Cubs will hold a scrimmage game at noon. It's one of my favorite games of the spring because it's all Cubs with no pa announcments, no advertising, probably no music, a real low key affair. Just baseball!

At Fitch Park the Cubs rotate between the 4 diamonds in groups while taking bp. I've been keeping an eye on a group that includes Ronny Cedeno, Aramis Ramirez, Todd Walker, Henry Blanco and D-Lee. I don't know if Cedeno had eaten Wheaties, spinach, or was just plain swinging from his heals, but he put on a power display that had his group shaking their heads. Cedeno wasn't just hitting it over the fence, he was pounding rocket shots, several in the 400+ ft range. Maybe he was just in a groove or maybe it's a sign that the 6' 180 lb. shortstop has major league power potential, in 65 games at AAA Iowa last season his slugging percentage was .518. At any rate it was fun to watch.

Yesterday I mentioned the casual nature of spring training, well today that relaxed environment almost brought an end to non-roster invitee Michael Restovich's camp. Restovich was talking to a fan threw the chain-link fence in center field with his back to home plate when Jacque Jones hit a long fly ball that almost nailed Restovich- literally missing him by inches. Heads Up!!

As Mark Prior(see pic) walked from one field to another during practice at Fitch he stopped and signed autographs for a minute before continuing on. You don't see that very often during practice, the players usually wait until after they finish for the day.

Another beautiful day, partly cloudy just about perfect. It hasn't rained here in about 140 days but they are calling for "sprinkles" tonight...watch out!

~More tomorrow~

Prior takes a minute to sign.


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