Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mark Prior Today in Mesa

Just returned from Fitch Park, I was able to watch Mark Prior today, this is what he did:

Warm up tossing with catcher about 40 feet apart

Long toss, about 25 throws

Simulated pitching on flat ground about 25-30 throws (looked about 1/2 to 3/4 speed velocity)

On mound, 10 pitching motions with towel, last 3 or 4 good velocity

On mound, 10 warm-up tosses

On mound, 10 throws looked close to full velocity (coach stood next to plate simulating a batter on about 5 of these)

That was the work-out, with breaks to talk about delivery, motion etc. with coaches. He seemed in good spirits, although he appeared irritated with the location of a few throws.

Well I am off to Chicago tomorrow morning, very excited, even though the weather looks a little iffy. We have tickets for Saturday's game but not tomorrow's home opener. This is quick work/pleasure trip and I will be back in Az on Monday night. With my laptop currently on the fritz, I'll have to wait till Tuesday to let you know how the trip went. (Will have some photos also)

Talk to you then,

Go Cubs!


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