Sunday, June 11, 2006

Angel Pagan

I stopped by Fitch Park yesterday morning and watched a scrimmage game of Cubs Rookie League players, no umpires just a coach standing behind the pitchers mound calling balls and strikes. Was hoping to see Wade Miller pitch but I didn't see him anywhere, however I did see Cubs outfielder Angel Pagan. Pagan who is rehabing from injury looks close to full health, he was batting against live pitching, with called balls and strikes (but not running the bases). He was batting third in every half inning (for both teams) giving him at least 6 at bats in 3 innings I witnessed before he stopped. He was hitting the ball hard and looked sharp, in 2 of his last 3 at bats he ripped a single and double to the gap, (possibly a triple), as I said he wasn't running, just hitting. I am told he is on a separate running program but I didn't see him run yesterday.

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