Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Wood Report

Lots of sunshine and about 60 degrees today as the Cubs worked out at Fitch Park. I knew Kerry Wood was to face batters today so that was my focus this morning, what follows is my pitch-by-pitch account of what I saw. This might be overkill but if you're like me, seeing how the new slim trim Wood does this spring is intriguing. He could be a real X-factor for the pitching staff this season. I talked with Ron Santo today, he's in great spirits and very excited about this years ballclub. Posting some pics I took from today also, enjoy!

Woody's Pitch Stats Today

Against Casey McGehee--(4 pitches) Ball, Swinging Strike, Fouled off, and Ground out

Against Micah Hoffpauir--(6 pitches) *Ball, Ball, Ball, Ball, *Ball, *Ball

Against Brian Dopirak--(6 pitches) Foul, Ground out, Ball, Ball, Foul, Foul

Against Chris Walker--(6 pitches) Swinging Strike, Swinging Strike, *Ball, Pop Out, Ball, Ball

Against Angel Pagan--(5 pitches) Single to left center, Ball, Swinging Strike, Ball, Line-out to 2nd

27 total pitches-- To be fair, balls and strikes were not called so some of the balls not swung at could have been strikes. The balls listed above with the * could have gone either way, hard to tell from the angle I was at.

Wood on the mound today in Mesa


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