Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Winning is in Fashion

This has been one fun baseball season; the Cubs are doing what needs to be done and taking care of business. Haven't blogged in a while and was prompted to do so by an email from George in Waukegan. I met George this past spring; like the rest of us in Cubs Universe, he and his family are super excited about the Cubbies right now.

I was happy when the Cubs traded for pitchers Harden and Gaudin but was a bit leery of Hardens injury history. So far, so good, the Cubs are being smart with his pitch count. Harden has been as Soriano said "dominant"; he really gives the Cubs that needed starter for the end of season push and helps neutralize the Brewers Sabathia acquisition. Gaudin who was kind of an after thought in the deal to most Cubs fans has been a pleasant surprise.

The classic look

I saw that Bronson Arroyo is pitching against the Cubs tonight and couldn't help but remember that corn-row hairdo he sported with the Red that was, well, less than flattering. Speaking of pitchers hair, in Jeff Samardzija's first major league camp at Fitch in 2007 he came in with the long locks. Let's just say Lou wasn't thrilled with the look, I shot some video of Samardzija that first day so I'll pass it along here. It's only about a minute long. Jeff is another Cubs pitcher that coming out of camp wasn't really expected to make an impact this season. It's great to see him help the club in a playoff race this early in his career.

I've been very busy on a couple projects and trying to stay cool down here in AZ...I hope to cool off while watching the Cubs in Chicago this October. Go Cubs!


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