Sunday, March 22, 2009

Night baseball blog

Random thoughts while watching the WBC Japan vs USA game:

On his most recent at bat in the game it showed Kosuke Fukudome was batting .211 for the WBC and then he K'd ugly. I'm sure Lou can't be that happy that Dome has missed all this time in camp. One guy that probably is happy is Reed Johnson. Reed has given me confidence that even if Dome can't get his bat going the Cubs have a reliable Centerfielder.

Wow, this game has gotten interesting as Mark DeRosa just hit a triple to bring the US within two. It's going to be difficult seeing DeRosa in a Cleveland uniform when the Indians come to Hohokam twice in the last week of spring well as Kerry Wood.

Seeing how far the Asian teams have come in the sport of baseball, it was interesting to note that the Cubs today played a team led by the first Asian-American Manager in the history of Major League Baseball, Don Wakamatsu. That's according to Wikipedia. I remember seeing Wakamatsu playing for Arizona State with Barry Bonds. Wakamatsu's father was born in a US internment camp during World War II and his grandparents were Japanese. Considering March is Irish-American Heritage Month it should be noted Wakamatsu's mother is Irish-American.

Fukudome just walked, we know he's good at drawing those.

I'm feeling a bit sore from going to the batting cage yesterday but I think it's only a bit of muscle fatigue and I'll be ready to step to the plate at Hohokam for the Fergie and Friends game. I heard today that Bob Feller might actually take the mound and pitch during the game, I hope I don't go up against him because that might be a no-win situation. If you get a hit off him it's because he's 90 years old. Now if you can't get a hit off him then you'll really be embarrassed because you can't hit a guy who's only a decade shy of being a centenarian.

Oh, Japan just scored another run...I guess it would be more interesting if the US had more of their best pitchers on the squad.

I'm doing so-so on my two NCAA brackets and have Connecticut and Oklahoma as eventual winners.

Why is Adam Dunn playing in the outfield for team USA? Is he the worst defensive outfielder in the Majors? OK, it appears Japan is headed to the Championship unless the U.S. pulls off something very improbable. Talk with you tomorrow. T


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