Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hello Chicago

As mentioned in my last blog, I'll be joining the Hohokams on their annual trip to Chicago...that means I'll be seeing two games at Wrigley, this Friday and Saturday against the Minnesota Twins. Seeing the Cubs play in the friendly confines is really one of my absolute favorite things to do.

Yes, I know this Cubs team isn't playing as well as last year but don't judge the team's success by what they do in April, May, and June. As long as they don't fall too far back in the standings a strong finish in August and September is what really matters...Oh, and October, yeah, it would be nice to finish that month strong.

Reading some of the Cubs blogs and message boards around the net it seems there is an extra bit of angst among the faithful right now. As Cubs fans we can't expect to sail through the 2009 season with the team kickin arse and taking no prisoners like last year. Things are never that easy and it could very well prove to be even more difficult and trying before it's all over. This looks like a season where Lou Piniella is going to truly earn his money. This team has injuries and other issues so if Lou can keep this group together and get into the playoffs, that would be making a statement.

My friend Shepps over at Cubscast.com just wrote a blog, kinda playing Cubs GM for the day and detailing his views on the roster in "The Jim Hendry Scorecard".

Of course the recent big news in Cubdom is the expected announced retirement of Sammy Sosa, some of you like me were probably thinking "is he still playing?"..."big news" was sarcasm in case you missed it. Over at collegeofidiots.com Ginger Russ blogged yesterday about Slammin Sammy and his legacy, good stuff.

I may attend the premiere of the new Cubs documentary "We Believe" this Friday while in Chicago at the historic Chicago Theatre, if I do go I'll give you a review of the film on my return to AZ. This doc was made with backing or I should say, permission of the Cubs and MLB, so I hope it's more than just a long advertisement promoting the team.

I'll also upload some of my photos from the Chicago trip next week when I return from the windy city...like I did last season when I took my dad on the trip. (Blog from July 14, 2008)

Might get to see Rich Harden pitch on Saturday against the Twins so that could be interesting, it would be nice if he could get it going again.

Talk with you next week.



Blogger Ginger Russ said...

Thanks for the shout out Tim! Can't wait till next Spring. Despite the year, I'm still confident we will be seeing the World Champion Chicago Cubs in 2010.

Go Cubs!

10:46 AM  

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