Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not Piranhas Anymore

Yesterday, unbeknown to this blogger White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen was removing the Piranhas moniker he had previously given as a nickname for the Minnesota Twins. However, removal of the nickname doesn't affect anything I wrote yesterday. Guillen's basis for this change seems to be that the Twins payroll is now 13th in baseball and according to him "they are making a lot of money there, too". I have a hunch that when a team like the Twins pounds out 5 home-runs in a game against your team like the Twins did in the opener of the current series against the Sox, they can hardly be called - small fish.

Guillen isn't sure what to call the Twins now but did say, "Year after year after year, they are in the pennant race, I don't know why they aren't given enough credit".

Jim Hendry and the Ricketts are currently in Minneapolis for the owners meetings, I hope they take a close look at the operations of those formerly small fish while in the Twin Cities.


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