Thursday, January 20, 2011

Technology is your friend, well kinda

The BOS website has a slightly new look and is ready for Chicago Cubs spring training. The menu has changed, making it easier to get around, and I added a new facebook page called: Boys of Spring - Wrigleyville West. This facebook page provides more interactivity and Cubs conversation with a casual feel. This BOS WW page is for your use, so post your thoughts and pics about the Cubs, baseball, spring training, etc. I'll post there on a regular basis and link my blogs, pics, and stuff from here.

When starting the new facebook page, my first order of business was to write an introduction and put it on the fb wall. Unfortunately it was over the allowed length, so I posted it in separate paragraphs onto the wall. Only problem was, a week earlier when I first opened the new facebook page, I thought it would be cool to use the feature that sends facebook posts directly to Twitter - Not a good idea. Anyone who saw these tweets was probably wondering what the hell I was talking about. I quickly realized that facebook and Twitter are different types of social networks and require a separate thought process and writing style. They are no longer linked. I might be slow, but eventually I catch on.

Speaking of eventually catching on, today I leave the dark ages and get my first smart phone! The byproduct will be more frequent and timely updates as I will be using the BOS Twitter and new facebook page more often this spring. I'm pretty stoked about all this, and it should greatly benefit Cubs fans with the increased information flow. Of course I'll still be doing my usual spring blog, photos, and video. So be sure to follow me on Twitter and join in our new facebook page as you don't want to be the only one on your block who missed some bit of crucial information about the Cubs while they're here in AZ. Empowered with the latest and greatest technological advances, this spring your eagle-eyed PA dude is stepping up his maniacal one man multi-media coverage like never before.

If that doesn't work I'll break out the electric typewriter and write a Cubs newsletter, then mimeograph copies and hand them out at the gates of Hohokam Park - Whatever it takes my friends!

BOS Headquarters, the apex of technology 


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