Monday, February 14, 2011

Day One

Carlos Marmol is signed for three years, we can talk about the numbers later.

I wanted to get you some pics from todays first official workout with pitchers and catchers . I'm posting one photo here, the rest you can view on our Boys of Spring - Wrigleyville West facebook page. I focused on the new, old Cubs. You know, the guys who are back again for another go-round.

Addition - I found out those of you who don't have facebook or don't want facebook accounts can't see the photos I posted over at BOS - Wrigleyville West. Of course I should have know this but as I've said before, I'm new to the facebook and not sure if I even like it yet. So as I have always done in the past, I'm posting the Cubs photos from today here for everyone.  T

Don't give up yet Mike
Kerry Wood

Colvin in awe of Barney's new power

Blake DeWitt

Welly & Woody 
Reed Johnson

Barney fields

Todd Wellemeyer


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