Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Byrd on a Flight of Fancy?

A perfect head first slide into home plate last night by Darwin Barney scored the only run of the game and gave the Cubs a nice win over the Brewers at Wrigley. Certainly we would love to see more of this type of clutch quality win by the Cubs as opposed to the 39 losses we've seen thus far. But never fear my fellow Cubs brethren in spite of being 11 games out of the division lead and only a couple losses from the worse record in baseball - "it's not to late". This according to Marlon Byrd in his Byrd's Nest Blog the other day. He has a point, if the Cubs can trim the lead as he said by "the All-Star break, and be five, six games out, we still have a chance". You've got to love Byrd's optimistic attitude, especially in spite of his frightening injury that put him on the DL.

The Cubs have been a revolving door of injured players this year and that never helps, but some of those players like outfielders Byrd, Reed Johnson, and Alfonso Soriano who went 1-4 at the plate last night in a rehab game in Iowa, are all due to return soon. So according to the Byrd scenario the Cubs have about 1 month to trim five or six games off the lead and get back into this thing. If the Cubs can't do that it's likely we will be seeing more of a line-up similar to last night in which you had these Cubs hitters one after another - Montanez, LeMahieu, then Campana. If you had said back in spring training that those three would all be starting a game at Wrigley together in mid-June, you would have immediately thought - "what in the name of Orval Overall is going on"? OK, maybe only my 102 year old great uncle Eldon would say that but you get the point.

So on the optimistic side the Cubs have a month to play some serious baseball and make the rest of the season potentially meaningful. On the pessimistic side (some might say realistic), this is a flawed team  that never really had a shot coming out of the gate. After last night's win I'm going to hold out for the optimistic side, at least until the end of tonight's game, then I may change my mind.

I had mentioned in a prior blog about some big news here at Boys of Spring and it is still on the way...coming very soon. So please be patient, as Cubs fans that is something we should all be good at.  

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Notes From The Cubs Interblogs

Last weekends two crushing extra inning defeats to Albert, followed by yesterday's 7th consecutive Cubs loss has left me despondent about the Northside nine. I don't know about you, but in this situation I could use a little humor right about now. So it is that I turn to my fellow Cubs brethren from the interblogs for a little pick me up.

Before going any further, I should have some sort of disclaimer here, like the kind you see at the beginning of movies. Something to the effect that: Any opinions, reflections, or characterizations of the current state of the Chicago Cubs (hereafter referred to as the "ball club") expressed by the writers on other blogs or message boards do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Boys of Spring staff which shall hereafter be referred to as "Tim". The reader hereby acknowledges by reading further, they continue at their own risk and hereby release Tim of any liability or damages due to mental suffering caused by continued exposure to this blog. OK, off to the interblogs....

I wrote the first two paragraphs before actually going out into the Cubs blogosphere to find some misery loves company Cubs humor. Now I see that I should have surfed the interblogs first, because what I found mainly are Cubs fans/bloggers who like me are despondent, disappointed, or just down right angry. I also found many a Cubs blog that are no longer operating (dead URL) or haven't posted in a long time (years in some cases). There were a few humorous takes on the Cubs current state of affairs but I guess I didn't find them overly funny. At any rate, I've decided not to post the not so funny or angry and disappointed snippets about the Cubs from other blogs, I'm sure you have enough of those feelings yourself.

I guess what this means is there really isn't much of a blog here today. Sure I could give an opinion of the Cubs 2011 ill's but since it's still early June, I'll hold off on that. Most of the issues with the Cubs are fairly obvious and were pointed out recently in a calm locker room statement by Carlos Zambrano. Besides the neighbors dog is barking incessantly and has been for some time, making my only current thoughts devoted to how I might get it to shut up. If I could somehow get that canine to read this blog, that might do the trick.

We have some exciting Boys of Spring/Cubs related news of a positive nature coming later this week, so check back for that.

The Cubs marketing department had to see this as a possibility