Friday, February 10, 2012

Getting Ready!

If you are new to Sheridan's Blog I just want to give you a rundown on what you will see in this space over the next couple months. First off, I am a huge Cubs fan who is lucky enough to do the public address announcing for the Cubs spring training games. I do not get paid to write this blog, take photos, or any video you see on this site. I do this for the love of the Cubs and because it's my passion; I enjoy passing that along to other Cubs fans. With that in mind you can run into just about anything here including what is happening at Fitch and Hohokam, my take on the team or certain players, Cubs music videos, quotes from Bill James or Walter Sobchak, maybe just a photo of one of Arizona's amazing sunsets. This is my space (and yours) to have fun and enjoy the Chicago Cubs, after all, spring training is a fun time of the year.

Ryan Dempster today
After each Cubs spring training game at Hohokam I will write a rundown of the game and what I have seen. This goes beyond what has happened on the field and since I am at the ballpark most of the day I often see things that may get missed. Be sure to follow BOS on twitter because you will often get info that the major media doesn't cover or think is not important. Telling a story with photos is also part of what you will see when the team is working out at Fitch Park before they start playing the games at Hohokam. In between all of this I like to think you get some real solid Cubs news and insights from a different perspective. There is also a lot of info on other pages of the BOS website that can help you when you decide to make the pilgrimage to AZ and Cubs spring training.

As you probably know we are also hosting a Boys of Spring - Best Cubs Sites (BOS-BCS) Awards this month. Today is the last day (until 11:59 pm AZ time) to nominate your favorite Cubs fan blog or website. For more info on the awards check out my blog from Feb. 6.

Here are the nominees as of 6pm today:

The Santo - Best Original Cubs Content: Bleacher Nation, View From the Bleachers, Ivy Envy, Chicago Cubs Online, The Cub Reporter, Cubs Den, Obstructed View, 

The Harry - Best Cubs Blog Single Author: Bleacher Nation 

The Billy & Fergie - Best Blog Multiple Authors: View From the Bleachers, Bleacher Nation, The Cub Reporter, Ivy Envy, Chicago Cubs Online, Cubs Den 

The Jolly Cholly -Best Cubs Humor: Hire Jim Essian, Goat Riders of the Apocalypse, Bleacher Nation, View From the Bleachers, Ivy Envy, The Cub Reporter

*The Ryno - Cubs Fan Favorite: Bleacher Nation, View From the Bleachers, Ivy Envy, Chicago Cubs Online, The Cub Reporter 

The Mr. Cub aka The Ernie - Best Overall Cubs Site: Bleacher Nation,  View From the Bleachers, Ivy Envy, Chicago Cubs Online, The Cub Reporter, Bleed Cubbie Blue

We are getting close to the 18th, the official report date for pitchers and catchers.

A few photos from today.

James Russell

Have you seen Volstad? That guy is huge. 

Cubs new arms Travis Wood and Chris Volstad



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I am so greatful for seeing these photos. It makes it a little easier for me to get thru this chicago winter. We are trying to get down to srspring training if airfares get below 450

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