Sunday, February 12, 2012

Six Days

President's Day is not for another week yet but today is the birthday of Abraham Lincoln - February 12, 1809.

And counting
Looking forward to seeing who shows up at Fitch tomorrow as the countdown to pitchers and catchers reporting is down to 6 days! Some Cubs who wore number 6 were, Stan Hack, Johnny Callison, Kieth Moreland, Glenallen Hill, and most recently being worn by Bryan LaHair.  

A housecleaning note, we will be announcing the full list of nominees for the BOS-BCS Ryno Award as Fan Favorite sometime over the next few days. Once announced, voting will begin for your favorite Cubs blog or website, the fan voting is only for the Ryno Award.


Blogger P-town Tom said...

Sometimes it appears that time is standing still. 6 more days? Sheesh. I sure wish spring would hurry up an get here already! I'm ready for some baseball and I've been drinking my Cubbie Kool Aid!

4:13 PM  

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